Important announcements:
The results of the July exams will be published in the first week of August at the latest. It will be possible to register for the exams in August until a few days after publication of the results of the July exams.

The results of the August exams will be published in the last week of August. You will receive the result by e-mail. The official certificate will arrive by postal mail in the days after publication of the results.

If you want to review the results of an exam in July or August you can make an appointment for early September. Due to time constraints it is not possible to review the July exam before the August exam.

Boswell-Bèta offers access courses and exams for students who want to enter higher education in the Netherlands.

This section of our website is aimed at international students who are required to pass entrance exams as part of the entry requirements of study-tracks at Dutch universities and hogescholen.

For Dutch students, or international students who already understand Dutch, more detailed information is available at the Dutch section of our website.

Address & Contact Information
Boswell-Bèta / James Boswell Instituut
Laan van Puntenburg 2 A
3511 ER  Utrecht, The Netherlands
Contact Us:
Phone: +31 (0)30 4300 100 (Mon-Fri, 10-17h)



From this spring we organise basic math courses to prepare you for the summer courses Math A/B

It is now possible to register for the upcoming Fall Courses starting in October.



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