James Boswell Course | Study Lab (HAVO/VWO)

For extra support we organize Study Lab sessions throughout the year. Study Lab is a walk-in class where you can study and ask additional questions outside of the regular class hours.
Study Lab sessions are generally held twice a week.
In the summer months and in the weeks before the exams Study Lab will be scheduled four times a week.

Study Lab is a free service by Boswell-Bèta. Registration is not needed.

Below you will find the most recent schedule of Study Lab.

Study Lab - Schedule 2019-2020



01.10.2019 Je kunt je nu inschrijven voor de zomercursussen 2020.



Rooster Studielab

Let op: vanaf 6-1-2020 wordt het aantal studielab bijeenkomsten uitgebreid van 2x naar 4x per week!