James Boswell Course | VWO Biology (English)


Is VWO Biology an entry requirement for the degree programme you wish to pursue? Our biology courses support anyone needing biology in order to enroll in a Higher Education Institution in the Netherlands.

Boswell-Bèta offers:

  • Many contact hours
  • Inspiring and experienced teachers
  • Extra support in Study Lab
  • Junior-teachers from Utrecht University
  • A nice venue in the city centre of Utrecht
  • More than 40 years of experience in access courses and exams

Our course covers the Dutch VWO programme in biology required to enroll in various HE institutes in the Netherlands.





The James Boswell Exam will give you entrance at a Dutch Institution of Higher Education. Registration for this exam is required. Always ask the study advisor of the institution/university about the validity of the James Boswell certificate!

For several studies exams in Dutch are required. In that case, follow our course(s) in Dutch e.g. together with a Dutch language course (NT2).

If you have any questions about contents or admission to the course, please contact us for more information.

Attention: fulfill your registration in due time. Two weeks before the start of a course Boswell-Beta will decide upon whether the course will actually take place. A course will only take place with a sufficient number of participants.

VWO Biology - Summer Course 2019



04.04.2019 De eerste najaars- en jaarcursussen staan nu online.

01.04.2019 Er zijn extra zomercursussen online geplaatst.



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