Dutch (NT2)

To be admitted to a Dutch university as an international student you are often required to take Dutch language courses and pass the NT2-II exam (Dutch as a second language).

In most cases this is applicable to regular study tracks only, not for the international oriented bachelor or master tracks that are completely taught in English. Consult the entry requirements or contact the admission office to see if you need to pass the NT2-II exam.

Boswell-Bèta does not offer NT2 courses. But there are options for programmes that combine our science courses together with the required NT2 courses. Please contact us for more information.

As there are many options for NT2 courses in the Netherlands or maybe even your home country, we recommend you to study Dutch first and pass this exam before taking part in our courses. This is especially the case if you have to pass the Dutch science exams (e.g. if you want to study medicine and have to take the Dutch CCVX science exams). The courses and study material to prepare yourself for these Dutch science exams are all in Dutch.

Most Dutch universities offer NT2 courses, and there are also commercial institutions throughout the Netherlands. It is also possible to study NT2 at institutions in Utrecht.

German students who live near the Netherlands often have studied Dutch in high school, in which case they might be exempt from the exam, or can take courses in cities like Nijmegen, Maastricht or NT2 courses organised in Germany. This website offers a list of possibilities.



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