James Boswell Course | VWO Mathematics C (English)

Is VWO Math-C (Wiskunde C) an entry requirement for the degree program you wish to pursue? Our mathematics courses support anyone needing mathematics in order to enroll in a Higher Education Institution in the Netherlands

Boswell-Bèta offers:

  • Many contact hours
  • Inspiring and experienced teachers
  • Extra support in Study Lab
  • Junior-teachers from Utrecht University
  • A nice venue in the city centre of Utrecht
  • More than 40 years of experience in access courses and exams

Our course covers the Dutch VWO programme in Mathematics C required to enroll in various HE institutes in the Netherlands.





The James Boswell Exam will provide you entrance to a Dutch Institution of higher education. Registration for this exam is required. Always ask the study advisor of the institution/university about the validity of the James Boswell certificate!

For several studies exams in Dutch are required. In that case, follow our course(s) in Dutch e.g. together with a Dutch language course (NT2).

If you have any questions about contents or admission to the course, please contact us for more information.

Attention: fulfill your registration in due time. Two weeks before the start of a course Boswell-Beta will decide upon whether the course will actually take place. A course will only take place with a sufficient number of participants.

VWO Math C - Summer Course 2019
VWO Basic Maths + Math C - Summer Course 2019 (May-July)



19.12.2018 Je kunt je nu inschrijven voor de lente- en zomerexamens.

06.12.2018 Er zijn extra voorjaars- en zomercursussen online geplaatst.

03.12.2018 I.v.m. de inflatiecorrectie (CBS) worden enkele cursusprijzen per 1 januari 2019 aangepast.



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