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Information Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Publication date: 25 May 2020

As of June we will gradually restart classes at the institute. The April and May exams will be written in the first two weeks of June. If you are registered for these exams you will receive more information in the week before the exam. Be aware that special public health regulations will apply.

For the Summer Courses in English: Physics, Mathematics A, Biology and Chemistry will be organised online. For Mathematics B there are both online and in person (on site) courses scheduled this summer.

Be aware that the regular July and August exams are still scheduled to take place in Utrecht at the end of each course. We recommend to plan your trip to the Netherlands in time. Some students might be unable to come to Utrecht for the exam, for example because of border closures or a lack of flights. For these cases we are working on an alternative exam online. Be aware that for this alternative there is no open registration. Acceptance and validity of this alternative will have to be coordinated with the respective admission office of the university you are enrolling in after the summer. At the moment we suggest you register for the regular exam first.

All new scheduling depends on the progress of the Corona situation and is subject to change.

Please note the following changes:

  • Course schedule Summer → Summer courses in English are either organised online or have both an online and on site (offline) edition.
  • Exam schedule July and August → Unchanged. The number of maximum registrations will be increased as soon as the exam locations have been finalised.

VWO Exams in English
Mathematics A
Mathematics B
Mathematics C

Boswell-Bèta is closely monitoring the developments and planning for various possibilities. As most international students registered for our Spring and Summer courses are required to pass the exam before September 1st, Boswell-Bèta is committed to ensure that it remains possible to participate in the admission courses in VWO Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Boswell-Bèta will continue to follow the guidelines by the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the local GGD public health authority.

Government updates in English are published daily at the RIVM Website.

In accordance with the national guidelines, we recommend you washing your hands often and stop shaking hands. Keep physical contact limited and don't attend large social gatherings.

  • If you are sick or are having symptoms, stay at home and don't attend classes. Contact a GP by phone if your situation deteriorates.
  • For students arriving from a high-risk area: please check the RIVM website for possible required additional measures.
  • Wearing a mask (PPE) to class is allowed in the Netherlands. However, according to the guidelines wearing a mask does not prevent infection. It does prevent you from infecting others when ill. But you are not supposed to be in the building if that is the case.

For those wanting to avoid public transportation: There is free parking available in front of the building.

We are planning additional measures for if the current situation changes.

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