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James Boswell Course | VWO Mathematics C (English)

Course Content

Is VWO Math-C (Wiskunde C) an entry requirement for the degree program you wish to pursue? Our mathematics courses support anyone needing mathematics in order to enroll in a Higher Education Institution in the Netherlands

Boswell-Bèta offers:

  • Many contact hours
  • Inspiring and experienced teachers
  • Extra support in Study Lab
  • Extra support by teaching assistants from Utrecht University.
  • A modern venue at Utrecht Science Park
  • More than 50 years of experience

Our course covers the Dutch VWO programme in Mathematics C required to enroll in various HE institutes in the Netherlands.


The Mathematics C course will be offered as a summer course in the months June and July.

Courses have four to five classes a week (total: 20 hours / week)

Keep in mind that each contact hour requires one hour of homework (preparation and practice).


The course will prepare you for the VWO Mathematics C exam. You can consult the contents of the exam here.

Topics include:

  • formulas and graphs
  • manipulating formulas
  • exponential growth and logarithms
  • sequences
  • descriptive statistics
  • combinatorics and probability
  • probability distributions
  • logic
Course Structure

Work method

Explanation of the theory by the teacher after which you work on exercises with the help of the teacher or an assistant.

Study hours and commitment

110 contact hours and about 110 hours of self-study.

Student commitment

Active participation during the classes and doing your homework.

Study Lab

Next to the regular class hours, you are welcome to join Study Lab.

Study Lab is the place where you can self-study and/or ask additional questions. At least one teacher will be available during Study Lab.

Course Materials
  • Textbook: included in the course
  • Protractor
  • Graphing calculator from the following list:
    • Texas Instruments
      • 84 Plus T, OS 5.1 or higher
      • 84 Plus CE-T, OS 5.1.5 or higher
      • 84 Plus CE-T Python Edition, OS 5.1.5 or higher
      • Nspire CX (only the version without CAS), OS or higher
      • Nspire CX II-T (version with CAS and version without CAS)
    • Casio
      • fx-9860GII(SD) (with exam setting) OS 2.07 or higher
      • fx-CG20 (with exam setting) OS 2.01 or higher
      • fx-CG50
    • Hewlett-Packard
      • HP Prime (only with CAS disabled)

    Older models, including those that were previously accepted, are not allowed anymore. An example is the TI 84 Plus without the addition T or CE-T.

Preliminary Knowledge

Sufficient basic knowledge of mathematics is an important ingredient for success.

Basic mathematical skills consist of:

  1. The number line
  2. Calculations with fractions
  3. Calculations with exponents and logarithms
  4. Basic Algebra
  5. Linear equations

Eliminate deficiencies before starting a course. You can use this self-test to see if your entrance skills are sufficient.

If you need to refresh your basic math skills it is possible to start with a preliminary math course in the weeks before the full VWO course. More information can be found here.

If in doubt contact the math department.


You complete the course with the James Boswell exam. You can find the exam schedule here. You are automatically registered for the exam which directly follows the course. If you are taking an exam at another time, or if you have to take a resit: register separately for this exam on the exam page.

If you are going to study medicine or dentistry, then in some cases it is necessary the take the entrance exam of the CCVX. You must register separately for this. Our courses also prepare for this exam.

Always ask the study advisor of the institution/university about the validity of the James Boswell certificate.


If you have any questions about contents or admission to the course, please contact us for more information.

Attention: fulfill your registration in due time. Two weeks before the start of a course Boswell-Beta will decide upon whether the course will actually take place. A course will only take place with a sufficient number of participants.

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