Aansluitprogramma's voor het hoger onderwijs

About Boswell‑Bèta

Boswell‑Bèta has been offering science (STEM) access education for universities over 35 years.

As the science department of the James Boswell Institute (Utrecht University), which offered supporting science and language courses for university staff and students, we have been specialising in science courses to prospective medicine students and other students who wanted to pursue higher education in the Netherlands but didn't meet the requirements to enter university.

In September 2012, Boswell‑Bèta has been spun off to function as a national centre for access education with a specific focus on science access courses.

Last year, over 2500 students have been enrolled in access courses and exams to enter university. About one third are international students from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Boswell‑Bèta is located in Rijnsweerd-Zuid, at the entrance of Utrecht Science Park.

The Boswell‑Bèta building
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