Aansluitprogramma's voor het hoger onderwijs

James Boswell Access Exams

We organise English access exams for the following subjects:

The exams will cover the complete Dutch VWO high-school programme of the subject. A translation of the programme can be found on the exam registration page.

Many universities require the passing of these exams in Dutch. Always check with the admissions office whether you are allowed to take the English exams. This is often the case for internationally oriented bachelor programmes. Also check your deadline for passing the exam in order to be admitted before September

It is possible to prepare for these exams by participating in one of our intensive courses in the Spring, Summer or Fall. Alternatively, if you've already passed those subjects at a higher level and you are only deficient in one or two topics, you could opt for distance-learning. Distance-learning is not offered for complete courses and not possible during the summer period: a full-time course in Utrecht is more effective to pass the exams.

  • The exam dates for 2020-2021 will be published in September. After the dates are finalized registration will open on the website.
  • Only register for an exam after you are certain about the requirement and date. It is not possible to change the exam date or cancel enrollment after your registration is processed.
  • When you are enrolled in a course you are automatically registered for the exam following the course. In that case do not register for the exam seperately.
  • If you need extra time due to medical reasons and have a doctor's certificate, you can apply for extra time up to two weeks before the exam date.
  • Registration closes 5 work days before the examdate.
    Explanatory note: This means your registration and payment should be processed by the website at the end (23:59h CET) of the 6th work day before the exam date. Bear in mind the official Dutch Public Holidays.
  • The registration for the August exams will be closed several days after the publication of the results of the July exams.
  • The results of the August exams will be published in the last week of August.
  • If your payment fails during registration you will not be registered for the exam. Always check the payment e-mail sent directly after registration: GEWEIGERD, MISLUKT or FAILED means the payment is not completed and you will need to register again.
VWO Exams in English
Mathematics A
Mathematics B
Mathematics C

Information about Dutch access exams can be found here. You can register for the Dutch James Boswell exams here.

Permitted calculators

During an exam a candidate is allowed to use only one calculator.


At the James Boswell exams Mathematics A, B and C the following graphing calculators are allowed:

  • Texas Instruments
    • 84 Plus T, OS 5.1 or higher
    • 84 Plus CE-T, OS 5.1.5 or higher
    • Nspire CX (only the version without CAS), OS or higher
  • Casio
    • fx-9860GII(SD) (with exam setting) OS 2.07 or higher
    • fx-CG20 (with exam setting) OS 2.01 or higher
    • fx-CG50
  • Hewlett-Packard
    • HP Prime (only with CAS disabled)

Older models, including those that were previously accepted, are NOT allowed anymore. An example is the TI 84 Plus without the addition T or CE-T.

We emphasise that simple calculators are not allowed during Mathematics exams.

Physics, biology and chemistry:

During the exams vwo Physics, Biology and Chemistry only simple scientific calculators like the Casio fx-82MS or the Casio fx-82ES are permitted.

Example Exams

The James Boswell Exams are held in Utrecht, the Netherlands. There are several locations. The specific location can be found on the registration page of the exam.

  • Boswell-Bèta - Daltonlaan
    Address: Daltonlaan 400, 3584 BK Utrecht
  • Educatorium alfa/bèta/gamma - Utrecht Science Park / Uithof
    Address: Leuvenlaan 19, 3584 CE Utrecht
  • Jaarbeurs / Beatrixgebouw or Juliana Conference Hall
    Address: Jaarbeursplein, 3521 AL Utrecht
  • David Lloyd (Vechtsebanen)
    Address: Mississippidreef 161, 3565 CE Utrecht
Exam Regulations

The Examination Regulations can be found here.

For a few medicine tracks, you are required to pass the CCVX science exams (in Dutch). If you have to pass the CCVX exams, we strongly recommend you study for these exams in Dutch, either by studying yourself using Dutch VWO study-books, or by participating in one of our Dutch access courses.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the exams, the acceptance of the exams and the exam requirements.

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