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James Boswell Cursus | VWO Exam Biology


The VWO Biology exam covers the entire Dutch VWO Biology programme.

For more information, consult the translation of the programme.

Topics include:

  • Basic knowledge of the cell
  • Human reproduction and embryological development
  • Homeostasis
  • Gas exchange and blood circulation
  • Nutrition and digestion
  • The nervous system
  • Hormones and the endocrine system
  • The immune system
  • Mendelian genetics
  • DNA
  • Molecular basis of inheritance
  • From gene to protein
  • Viruses
  • Introduction to metabolism
  • Cellular respiration and fermentation
  • Photosynthesis
  • Plant form and function
  • Diversity and phylogeny
  • Evolution
  • Ecology
  • Animal behaviour


  • Calculator: consult the general exam page to see which calculators are permitted. Graphical calculators are not permitted.
  • Binas English Edition without notes
  • Protractor
  • Pen and pencil


You will have to identify yourself during the exam. A photo ID is required: Passport, EU-Identity card, or EU-driving licence.


James Boswell Examens are held on various locations in Utrecht. You can find the specific location below. General information on the location and addresses can be found at the general exam page under the examlocations heading. If the location is to be announced, it will published on this page on a later date.

Summer Course

It is possible to take a preparatory course during the James Boswell Summerprogramme.

End of registration period

Register on time, there are no exceptions!

You can register up to five work days before the examdate.

Note: This means your registration and payment should be processed by the website at the end (23:59h CET) of the 6th work day before the exam date. Bear in mind the official Dutch Public Holidays.

Your registration was successful if you've received a registration e-mail with your registration number.

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