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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer rooms or any sort of accomodation during the summer courses?


Student housing has offerings for international students: SSH Short Stay.

A cheaper alternative is Kamernet where students sublet their student rooms during their holidays or exchange-periods.

Do you offer English courses during the year?

Yes. We offer English courses in the spring, in the summer and in the fall.

Do you offer courses outside Utrecht?


I am from "country" and want to study "subject" at "university", which exams do I have to pass?

Always check the website of the university where you want to study, or contact their admissions office. The university decides what access exams you'll have to pass before admitted.

Can you help me with my visa?


What is your bank account number?

See the impressum for the payment details.

Can I take the James Boswell exams or the CCVX exams in my home country?


What is the difference between a CCVX exam and the James Boswell exam?

Both exams have the same difficulty and our courses prepare for both exams.

CCVX exams are organised by the faculties of medicine in the Netherlands and are required by students who want to study medicine. A few other studies (e.g. dentistry) also require you to take the CCVX exams. Contact us if you don't know for which exam you have to register.

Do I have to register for an exam after registering for a course?

Students conclude our courses with different exams. Some faculties have their own tests, others require from you to pass the CCVX exams, or you can simple write our exams.

If you register for a course you are automatically enrolled in the Boswell exam directly following the course. For the CCVX exam a seperate exam enrollment is required.

There are also students who prepare themselves through self-study or with courses in their home country. Those students can enroll for the exam at the exam registration page.

Can you help me with my CCVX registration or exam?

We can help you registering for your CCVX exam, but we cannot help you when there are problems with your CCVX registration and/or exams or grading questions. The CCVX exams have their own Exam Board and own administration.

What happens if a course is cancelled.

In the rare event that a course is cancelled all course fees are refunded. You will be notified at least two weeks before the start of the course.

I want to cancel my registration for a course.

It is possible to cancel your registration for a course up to two weeks prior to the start of the course. The course fee will then be refunded minus a small administrative fee.

I want to cancel my registration for an exam.

It is possible to cancel your registration for an exam, but there is no refund.

I want to register for a course or exam but can't use iDeal.

Contact the studentadministration to ask for instructions on SEPA-payments using IBAN. Fees can be paid through bank-transfer, iDeal or with a MasterCard / VISA credit card.

My VISA card is not accepted.

Sometimes a card can't be used to pay in euro (EUR). This is a limitation of your bank. Most of the time this happens with US VISA cards. Contact your bank or use a different card.

Can I pay in installments?

Use the contact form to discuss the possibilities.

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