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James Boswell Course | VWO Physics for IB Students

Boswell-Bèta offers access courses and exams for students who want to enter higher education in the Netherlands.

The VWO Physics course covers the physics curriculum of the Dutch high school system. The term VWO refers to the level of the education, the highest of the Dutch secondary education system, comparable to the Greek General Lyceum or German Gymnasium.

Our regular courses are organized throughout the year as 8-week intensive programmes. In total it includes 36 sessions, which include 2 midterms and 4 to 5 days of preparation for the final exam. See the physics web page for more information.


  • Engineering
  • Oscillations, waves & wave characteristics
  • Acoustic waves
  • Electricity & electric field
  • Magnetic field & electromagnetic induction
  • Pressure, fluids & gases
  • Thermodynamics (introduction)
  • Modern Physics
  • Radioactive decays, radioactivity & characteristics
  • Mathematical models

VWO Physics Course for current IB-students

There is a special VWO Physics Course for students in their final years of the IB programme. This course is planned during the academic year in parallel with the students' school activities. The courses will be organized in blocks (autumn and winter / spring) and has only two sessions a week. The course can therefore be combined with the school schedule. This course is only open for current IB students in the Europe time-zone.

The course will prepare you for the official James Boswell Physics Exam in the Spring. Participating students will be registered for this admission exam. It is possible to write the exam in person in Utrecht (if required) or online (after permission from the university). Please note: Always consult the admission office of the university for admission requirements and possible deadlines.

The course fee includes the study materials including the Binas English Book and the study book, access to the study lab homework sessions and the exam registration following the course.

End of registration period

You can register up to 14 days before the start of the course.

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