Aansluitprogramma's voor het hoger onderwijs

Access Courses and Exams in Utrecht

Next to our regular James Boswell science courses (Dutch) throughout the year, we offer the science subjects in English courses from late Spring to the Fall. If you succesfully finish the courses and pass the exams, you can use the James Boswell certificate(s) together with your diploma to register at most of the English-track studies in the Netherlands.


We offer the following courses in English:

As a course requires about 30-40 hours/week, we do not recommend participating in two courses simultaneously.

In the Summer we organise courses in all subjects. You can combine the Summer period with the Spring or Fall period depending on the series of subjects you are required to pass the exam in.

Students who are required to pass the exams before the deadline of January 15th could opt for a combination of courses starting late Spring to the end of Fall. This depending on the number of subjects you are deficient in. If you are deficient in two subjects and have a deadline in August you could op for the Spring and Summer courses. If you are only deficient in one subject we recommend you take the Summer course.

Please note that the entry level of the VWO courses corresponds with the start of the VWO-4 level. If you are unsure about your preliminary knowledge, contact us for more information.


All courses are concluded with an exam in English. These are identical to the Dutch exams of the same VWO courses. You can also take the exam without attending the course (self-study).

If the university requires of you to take the exam in Dutch, we strongly advise you to prepare for the exam with the corresponding science courses in Dutch.

For some Dutch medicine tracks, you are required to pass the CCVX science exams (in Dutch), for more information see:

International students who have to take the Dutch CCVX or James Boswell exams can apply for an exam extension of 30 minutes. For the CCVX this extension has to be requested eight weeks before the exam.

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