Aansluitprogramma's voor het hoger onderwijs

Access courses to study in the Netherlands

In some cases, your international diploma doesn't meet the requirements of a Dutch study in the Netherlands. Many tracks require you to specifically have mastered the four science subjects at Dutch VWO level or equivalent. However, foreign programmes of these science subjects are often different, or you haven't been able to finish all four subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) at the required level.

Also, students who have successfully obtained their IB-diploma at one of the International Schools in the Netherlands may be deficient in one of these subjects.


Working together with Dutch universities and hogescholen (universities of applied science), Boswell-Bèta offers access courses and exams in the science subjects. Our regular (Dutch) courses at HAVO and VWO-level are offered four times a year, there are also evening courses and intensive summerprogrammes.

For example, it's possible to take these courses as preparation to a transfer programme from one study to another or a pre-master programme.

From April to November, there are also courses in English. These courses are concluded with English exams at VWO-level. Although these exams are held under the supervision of Utrecht University, in many instances they are also valid or sometimes even required as an supplementary exam for other universities in the Netherlands.

Alternative options

If you are unable to come to Utrecht to take a course, or you need to take more exams than is possible in one summer, there are various other options.

  1. You can study for the exams yourself, and visit Utrecht to take part in the exams. You can for example self-study for a mathematics exam in spring and come to Utrecht in the summer for a course in another field.
  2. In some countries a few institutions offer courses to prepare for the Dutch exams. Make sure that these courses are suitable for the exam, contact us is you are unsure.
  3. You can apply for private tutoring, in combination with fewer courses, to complement self-study or to expand the topics you've already studied in your own high school abroad. This option can be useful if it is possible to do much of the preparation in your home country and to make sure all topics are covered.
    Following complete tracks through private tutoring is more expensive than taking a regular course. Group tutoring is also possible, if several students come to Utrecht together.
  4. We also offer distance education over the internet. You could prepare at home, and come to Utrecht for the exam, or part of a course.

Please note:

  • A few universities require the passing of Dutch exams. Always check with the admissions office whether you are allowed to take the exams in English, e.g. for internationally oriented bachelor programmes.
  • Some tracks have their own specific entrance exams, which are offered only once or twice a year, and which cover specific topics.
  • Each university or hogeschool has its own deadline and admission procedure for international students.

If you have questions regarding these preparatory programmes, or are in doubt if you are required to take one of our exams, please contact us for more information.

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