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AUC Summer Courses

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For prospective students at Amsterdam University College with a deficiency in Mathematics the Boswell-Bèta Centre for Access Education offers a number of options to successfully complete admission.

If you have received notice that you are partially or substantially deficient in Mathematics for either a major in the Social Sciences or Sciences the following routes are available to you:

Substantial deficiency: A full Boswell-Bèta Summer Course & James Boswell Exam

You can write the James Boswell exam Mathematics A (for Social Sciences majors) or Mathematics B (for Sciences majors) in May, July or August. For more information, see the Exam page at our website

Preparatory courses for Mathematics A and Mathematics B are offered by Boswell-Bèta during the summer period from early June to mid-August, preparing you for the vwo exams organized at the end of July and mid-August.

The exam and the preparatory course are not connected. You can always register for an exam without following a preparatory course. Thus, and alternatively, you can decide to prepare for an exam through self-study. For a list of topics we refer you to our website: Exam Mathematics A and Mathematics B

Following a course at our Institute has shown to give an average of 70-80% succes rate. However, it still depends on your commitment.

Partial or minor deficiency: The AUC Summer Courses

These Summer Courses at are aimed at prospective AUC students who have been directed by AUC to improve their Maths skills. AUC will advise you on which course you have to partake in.

These courses are designed in correspondence with the Maths curricula at AUC. The programmes will offer you the opportunity to be well-prepared at the start of your studies at AUC, and to support you towards a successful graduation.

For the honours studies Social Sciences at AUC, the following Summer Course is offered:

  • Social Sciences: A two-week course to improve your skills in the topics Algebra, Systematic counting, Statistics and Hypotheses testing.

For the honours studies Sciences at AUC, the following Summer Course is offered:

  • Sciences: A two-week course to improve your skills in the topics Algebra, Functions and their graphs, Trigonometry, Differential and Integral Calculus.

These courses take place in August at AUC.

For the AUC Summer Courses in August Boswell-Bèta follows the AUC policy that attending classes is mandatory, and your presence is required during the full two weeks of the course.

Course materials will be supplied by Boswell-Bèta, and are included in the price of the course. If you have additional questions don't hesitate to ask.

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